Feb 19th '18

Kasuri Dye

Seasonal Spotlight

Kasuri, a fabric common in Japan, has been applied to several pieces this season, including the Khari Liner Jacket, Miles Short and Pontus Shirt. Yarns are resist-dyed before being woven into fabric, producing subtle patterns throughout each garment.

Kasuri derives its name from the Japanese word “kasureru”, which means “to blur.” The technique involves binding yarns, resist-dyeing them, and then untying them to reveal intervals of coloration. When woven together, these dyed yarns can produce complex patterns that are sometimes feathered or blurred at the edges, depending on the desired design. This traditional practice can be traced back to 12th century Japan, where it was applied to fabrics used for futon covers, blankets and jackets.

For Spring ‘18, we’ve reimagined three of our favorite styles with Kasuri fabric: the Khari Reversible Jacket, Pontus Long Sleeve Shirt, and the Miles Shorts. Each is made from a smooth viscose fabric that incorporates the kasuri resist-dyeing technique. Fine, contrasting segments of dyed yarn can be seen streaking the fabric in both vertical and horizontal directions, creating spontaneous patterning throughout each garment.■