• Sep 27th '18

    Stretch Armstrong & Curtis Kulig


    curtis kulig: Recording. stretch armstrong: This is au naturel. ck: This is called the “arsenic interview.” sa: I don’t even know what that means. ck: It’s the chemical in here. Did you just learn that this month while building your new deck? That’s a good intro. Stretch moving to Bedstuy. Adrian in Bedstuy! sa: After 47 years in Manhattan, I took…

  • Surfrider NYC & Will Skudin

    Aug 7th '18

    Born and raised in Long Beach, NY, Will Skudin has conquered some of the biggest waves ever recorded. In addition to competing professionally on the Big Wave Tour, Skudin dedicates much of his time to sharing the joys of surfing with disabled teens, wounded vets, and the economically disadvantaged through his non-profit Surf For All….

  • Boo Hooray

    Jul 3rd '18

    dd: How did you end up in the record business? jk: Yeah. I felt at home here. The person that had invited me to come to the U.S. was my old friend Tim Warren, who still runs this unbelievable garage-punk reissue label called Crypt Records. I stayed in his apartment on 22nd between 1st and…

  • Owl Chapman Surfboards

    Jul 31st '17

    Owl Chapman was a pioneer in shaping surfboards to match the speed and power of Oahu’s winter-time waves. He’s widely credited as the father of the shortboard revolution and—in the minds of many—is the most influential surfboard shaper to come out of Hawaii. Here, North Shore veterans—and legends in their own right—Rick Williams and Andy…

  • Rafael Prieto Casa Bosques Chocolates

    Jun 20th '17

    Guided by memory and intuition, Rafael Prieto (aka Rafa)—the co-founder of Casa Bosques Chocolates and the creative studio Savvy—uses chocolate as a way to capture moments in his life. Each flavor he produces is no accident but, instead, speaks to a place and an atmosphere. The result is dark, almost-ebony bars of chocolate that are…

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