• Adrian Gaut New York City

    Dec 21st '18

    After publishing dramatic portraits of the Los Angeles cityscape in his book “Wilshire Blvd,” photographer Adrian Gaut has moved his focus to our hometown of New York City. Here, he shares with us a few of his favorite shots from an upcoming project. Images by Adrian Gaut

  • Rip Zinger

    Sep 13th '18

    javas lehn: What exactly is your profession? rip zinger: I’m a professional hanger-outer. By hanging out I mean that I go here to meet this guy, and then go there to meet that one. My profession is to just move around and make sure the world is spinning in the right way. I’m patrolling. I…

  • Mike Townsend

    Jun 14th '18

    colin tunstall: Where are you right now? mike townsend: I’m in Joshua tree. ct: Why? mt: Lara and I rented a space out here. I’m literally in demo-mode. I’m trying to rip out the floor to get to the concrete. ct: Are you splitting your time there or is that a full time residence? mt:…

  • Malin Fezehai

    May 24th '18

    asmeret berhe-lumax: What does photography mean to you? malin fezehai: I think for me, photography is a way of telling stories. And it’s an excuse for me to partake in other people’s realities. abl: What stories do you find the most important to share and tell? mf: It varies. I think some stories I’m drawn…

  • Wilshire Blvd by Adrian Gaut

    May 3rd '18

    On a drive to the beach one day through Los Angeles’ Wilshire Blvd., photographer Adrian Gaut was struck by the beauty of the buildings lining the street. “You go from these sort of crazy downtown skyscrapers to modern stucco stuff to postmodern stuff to glass and steel,” he tells us. “There’s this whole range of…

  • Honey Ryder by Silvano Marino Zeiter

    Apr 26th '18

    colin tunstall: Can you tell me about Honey Ryder and how the project came about? silvano marino zeiter: Well ever since I started taking photos at 16 or 17, it’s been my dream to publish a book of my own. I just would have never thought it would come true in my mid-20s. But yeah,…

  • Lorenzo Holder

    Apr 11th '18

    khari clarke:As a kid and during your teenage years, I remember you were into modeling. What made you go from in front of the camera as a model, to behind the camera as a photographer? lorenzo holder: While I was modeling, I thought I had an idea of what it took to be successful in…

  • Ryan Struck

    Feb 15th '18

    colin tunstall: So I’m just going to jump right into it. What’s the deal with the infrared? ryan struck: I’ve been shooting infrared film since 2012. I first saw Richard Mosse use it in the Congo. He was basically shooting conflict photos, but he was using the film as a way to humanize what was…

  • Boots + The Bomb Squad Boys

    Dec 6th '17

    As America’s first planned industrial city, Paterson, New Jersey flourished in the 1890s producing textiles, firearms, and railroad locomotives through a web of mills and factories. It was here that the first Colt revolver was built, the first submarine was tested, and massive amounts of silk were made. Paterson’s latest product is a bike crew…

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