• Fernando Villela New York

    Nov 27th '17

    miguel yatco: First question, where did you grow up? 
fernando villela: I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and lived there until I was 11, at which point our family moved to Europe, where I shared my adolescence between Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria. 
 my: What brought you to New York? 
fv: Photography and New York….

  • Nazar Khamis

    Sep 8th '17

    colin tunstall: First off, who is Shelley Duvall? nazar khamis: Who’s Shelley Duvall? I think I know what you’re asking me for, but it’s literally—there was this YouTube clip that basically damaged my brain, and I think that…that’s pretty much it. There’s this compilation of her opening for the TV show she was doing or…

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