• Saturdays NYC & Porter Reflective Line

    Feb 15th '19

    The latest collection from our ongoing partnership with iconic Japanese bag maker Porter, titled the “Reflective Line,” puts a focus on functionality, versatility, and durability. Consisting of five silhouettes—a Weekender bag, 3-Way Briefcase, Backpack, 2-Way Tote and Wallet—the collection features convertible straps that allow the bags to be worn or carried in various positions while…

  • Adrian Gaut New York City

    Dec 21st '18

    After publishing dramatic portraits of the Los Angeles cityscape in his book “Wilshire Blvd,” photographer Adrian Gaut has moved his focus to our hometown of New York City. Here, he shares with us a few of his favorite shots from an upcoming project. Images by Adrian Gaut

  • New York Nico

    Dec 5th '18

    Ahead of the premiere of his debut documentary film, “Big Mike Takes Lunch,” we sat down with Nicolas Heller, the man behind the captivating Instagram account @NewYorkNico, which he uses to chronicle the lives of the New York City characters you need to know. COLIN TUNSTALL: Can you tell us a little about your new film,…

  • Saturdays NYC & SSENSE

    Nov 29th '18

    The exclusive SSATURDAYS capsule collection for SSENSE expresses the shared DIY culture found in various metropolitan cities across the globe. Durable canvas bags are crudely modified with a coat of spray paint, resulting in unique fluctuations in color that higlight the process each bag is put through. T-shirts and sweats are reworked by over-printing ink…

  • Jiro Konami Tokyo, New York

    Nov 9th '18

    Earlier this year we partnered with Japanese photographer Jiro Konami on an exhibition titled “New City,” in which we curated photos of his taken in New York City and put them on display at Batsu Art Gallery in his hometown of Toyko, Japan. We decided to bring the exhibition back to NYC, except this time…

  • Calvin Velvet Flight Jacket

    Oct 18th '18

    Born out of necessity, the flight bomber jacket was designed to keep World War I pilots warm during their ascent into frigid atmospheric temperatures. Early iterations were constructed from thick sheepskin and leather, but as advances in jet engines allowed planes to reach higher and higher altitudes, the need for a more versatile nylon jacket…

  • Stretch Armstrong & Curtis Kulig

    Sep 27th '18

    curtis kulig: Recording. stretch armstrong: This is au naturel. ck: This is called the “arsenic interview.” sa: I don’t even know what that means. ck: It’s the chemical in here. Did you just learn that this month while building your new deck? That’s a good intro. Stretch moving to Bedstuy. Adrian in Bedstuy! sa: After 47 years in Manhattan, I took…

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