• Fall ’18 Orchid and Lacquer Butterfly Prints

    Sep 20th '18

    Much of our Fall ‘18 collection was inspired by the small, family-owned shops that line the streets of our neighboring communities—whether it be Chinatown, Little Italy, or Koreatown. Walking around these places, it’s easy to miss the tiny furniture stores, flower shops, and minimarts that have been serving the same friends, family members, and neighbors…

  • Rip Zinger

    Sep 13th '18

    javas lehn: What exactly is your profession? rip zinger: I’m a professional hanger-outer. By hanging out I mean that I go here to meet this guy, and then go there to meet that one. My profession is to just move around and make sure the world is spinning in the right way. I’m patrolling. I…

  • Idris Suede Loafer

    Aug 27th '18

    Few footwear styles have withstood the fickle trends of fashion like the penny loafer. The classic design dates all the way back to 1930 when the Norwegian shoemaker, Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger, first introduced the silhouette after being inspired by the moccasins of the Iroquois. Worn religiously by men fishing along the Norwegian fjords, the slip-on…

  • Surfrider NYC & Will Skudin

    Aug 7th '18

    Born and raised in Long Beach, NY, Will Skudin has conquered some of the biggest waves ever recorded. In addition to competing professionally on the Big Wave Tour, Skudin dedicates much of his time to sharing the joys of surfing with disabled teens, wounded vets, and the economically disadvantaged through his non-profit Surf For All….

  • Francis Ford Coppola

    Aug 2nd '18

    Francis Ford Coppola is a filmmaker who needs no introduction. A quintessential innovator in American storytelling, Coppola shifted paradigms with his two ‘70s epics, each of which proposed a distinct thesis on the state of the human condition. Widely regarded as one of the greatest works in cinematic history, The Godfather is an intricately woven…

  • Danny Kwock

    Jul 27th '18

    morgan collett: You were born and raised in Oahu. How long were you there before you came to Newport? danny kwock: I lived in Oahu until about seventh grade. Then I moved to Cali and ended up in the San Fernando Valley, of all places. mc: This is the early ’70s? dk: It was about…

  • Saturdays NYC & 303 Surf

    Jul 18th '18

    We’ve been to Japan countless times, but our most recent trip was a special one. We took a trip out to Shikoku, the hometown of one our old friends Kohei Chiba, who’s a legendary surfboard shaper and the owner of 303 Surf. He graciously invited us into his shaping bay to watch him hand-shape a…

  • John Respondek Bird’s Eye View

    Jul 18th '18

    john respondek: (Trying to Skype) Where’s your camera? luke flynn: Hang on a second, I’ll just try and get it up. jr: You always have that problem, huh? lf: (Laughs) Unfortunately, it’s too big. jr: Can you see my head? lf: Yep. jr: So weathered. lf: It’s melting jr: You don’t understand, I have been…

  • Boo Hooray

    Jul 3rd '18

    dd: How did you end up in the record business? jk: Yeah. I felt at home here. The person that had invited me to come to the U.S. was my old friend Tim Warren, who still runs this unbelievable garage-punk reissue label called Crypt Records. I stayed in his apartment on 22nd between 1st and…

  • Mike Townsend

    Jun 14th '18

    colin tunstall: Where are you right now? mike townsend: I’m in Joshua tree. ct: Why? mt: Lara and I rented a space out here. I’m literally in demo-mode. I’m trying to rip out the floor to get to the concrete. ct: Are you splitting your time there or is that a full time residence? mt:…

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