Jul 31st '17

Owl Chapman Surfboards


Long time life guard Rick Williams and waterman Andy St. Onge have spent the better part of their adulthoods patroling the waters of Oahu’s North Shore. When it comes to chasing big waves, their allegiance lies with boards shaped by one man: Owl Chapman.

Owl Chapman was a pioneer in shaping surfboards to match the speed and power of Oahu’s winter-time waves. He’s widely credited as the father of the shortboard revolution and—in the minds of many—is the most influential surfboard shaper to come out of Hawaii. Here, North Shore veterans—and legends in their own right—Rick Williams and Andy St. Onge share their collections of storied Owl Chapman surfboards.

Joseph Trisolini is a New York City-based photographer who covers fashion, surfing and travel. Find more of his work at www.josephtrisolini.com.