• The Nathan Fishtail Parka

    Sep 21st '17

    Introduced in 1951 during the Korean War, the M-51 parka was designed to keep soldiers warm from the Korean peninsula’s cold weather and freezing rain. The rugged design featured a removable heavy liner jacket paired with a weather-resistant cotton-nylon outer shell to provide both warmth and protection from the elements. The “fishtail” moniker often associated…

  • Pima Cotton

    Aug 31st '17

    The printed cotton t-shirt has been a staple of Saturdays NYC ever since we launched in 2009. As we’ve evolved over the years, so have our offerings, and naturally, our curiosity for higher quality products has followed. In the Fall of 2016, we launched our Pima cotton program as the first step into premium basics,…

  • Fall ’17 Ginkgo Print

    Aug 17th '17

    Ginkgo trees are everywhere in New York City. You can find them scattered throughout Central Park or just around the corner from the Saturdays NYC offices lining the streets. They’re a resilient specimen, standing up to the bitter winters and brutal summers of the city, year in and year out. In the Fall, their delicate,…

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