• Saturdays NYC & Fragment Design

    Feb 1st '18

    When we initially decided to open a shop outside of New York, Tokyo was the first city that came to mind. The energy of its streets, its progressive style and magnetic charm have always captivated us, and we always look forward to going back. It’s been five years since we opened the doors to our…

  • Saturdays NYC & Mr. Porter

    Nov 2nd '17

    With the changing of seasons and the winter months ahead, Saturdays NYC and Mr. Porter have come together to envision a resort collection for those escaping into warmer weather. The 19-piece capsule collection draws inspiration from key elements of the Saturdays NYC DNA and ties together functional pieces with contemporary styling, ideal for the adventurous…

  • Saturdays, Everlast & Hayato Gym

    Oct 17th '17

    Boxing, kick-boxing, and cycling are sports we take seriously here at Saturdays. Jumping in the ring to spar with friends or just hitting the heavy bag is a great way to shake off the day’s stress. When we visit Japan, we make it a point to get a workout in at Hayato Gym in Meguro….

  • Tim Barber New Blues

    Jul 13th '17

    We first met Tim Barber inside the lobby of a hotel in Japan two years ago. He was in Tokyo hosting the opening of his solo exhibition “Blues” and invited us to come along. We’ve kept in touch ever since, and after hearing that he was continuing the series with “New Blues,” we decided to…

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