• Gene Krell

    Oct 27th '17

    colin tunstall: Tell us about your experiences with surfing. gene krell: A lot of surfing is remarkably mean-spirited. When I was surfing in California—and believe me I’m not waiting with baited breath for my invitation to The Eddie—the guys were cool with me. I’ve got arthritis in my knees and I broke my back surfing….

  • Drink Water

    Sep 27th '17

    morgan collett: Tell us a little bit about your company. bryan fox: Well, the company started as a joke, as a cynical way to make fun of our friends who had energy drink sponsors. austin smith: But it’s not like we sat down and said, “Hey we should start a company, what should we do?”…

  • Larry Clark

    Sep 15th '17

    If we’re casting votes, Larry Clark is definitely in the running for sexiest 69-year-old alive. To keep up appearances, Clark has taken up Veganism and boxing, disciplines that he claims have given him enough energy to work for 19 days straight, as he recently did on the shoot for his new film set in Marfa,…

  • Renato D’Agostin Black & White Metropolis

    Aug 29th '17

    alessandro simonetti: Your photographic output has been motivated by a desire to construe the city as a subject. The city is the scene for your work. Your arrival in NYC in the early 2006 marked the beginning of your new approach to photography. How has this line through all of your major projects become such…

  • Christo

    Aug 11th '17

    bob melet: How should we begin? christo: First, I will not answer questions about politics, religion or other artists. I only speak about myself. I’ve been here in New York since September of 1964. My late wife, Jeanne-Claude, and I first rented out the two top floors then and we bought the building in 1973….

  • Krink

    Jul 25th '17

    ruba abu-nimah: You grew up in Queens. Where did you study photography? kr: First, in high school. I was a bad student. I went to a few different schools. I started getting really into it when I was 17 or 18. ran: You clearly love it and have a very sophisticated knowledge of the medium….

  • Sarah Andelman

    Jul 12th '17

    Located on rue Saint-Honoré in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, colette boasts a fashion boutique, an exhibition space, and a restaurant. Curated by its co-founder Sarah Andelman, the store has been a cultural fixture in Paris since its opening almost seventeen years ago and has been responsible for introducing many foreign brands, designers, and artists…

  • Jim Joe

    Jun 14th '17

    Jim Joe is the progenitor of a famous tag that can currently be seen all around New York City. His marks take on many styles, but can be easily spotted by his signature use of all-caps. Many of his tags take the form of circuitous verses, like, “NOT LONG IS HOW LONG THIS TAG TOOK…

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